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I asked the question because the other day, someone felt Delano's freight-yard pictures generally look dark, i.e. darker than the actual objects would be. This suggests that to use these pictures as references for modelling, we'd need to lighten the colors. Freight-car colors vary in the first place and change with weathering, and most industrial areas are less grimy now than years ago; so I thought I'd check the perception mentioned above, against Delano's colors of non-railroad objects, via the memories of those who were there. (I wasn't.) Mr Stokes's recollection is exactly the type of memory I was hoping for, and I thank him. I'm not an expert on photography or the OWI collection so can't address those matters.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

P.S. Larry Jackman would agree with Calvin's father, and told the list so. :-)

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Wow, well excuse me, Sir! I guess I forgot that this group is restricted to only the self important and self acknowledged "experts." Won't post again anytime soon, other more important and friendlier groups to participate in.

It would help if you would educate the great unwashed out here, what did I miss in my comments? Here is the info from the link you so kindly posted for me. I believe I was correct in my assumption that these photos were original color photos and not hand painted black & white photos. Was it the use of the term "film" that got your dander up? Sorry, should have said "slides" or "transparencies." Same point, however.

"The 644 color photographs produced by the FSA are less well known and far less extensive than the unit's black-and-white photographs. Most of the color images are 35mm Kodachrome slides; a few are color transparencies in sizes up to 4x5-inches. The FSA color photographs depict life in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with a focus on rural areas and farm labor.

"The 965 color photographs from the OWI are color transparencies in sizes up to 4x5-inches. The photographs depicted life and culture in the U.S., with a focus on factories and women employees, railroads, aviation training, and other aspects of World War II mobilization."

John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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John Stokes wrote:
"They were apparently actual color photos from early color film, not the hand painted photos that we also see from time to time where the color might be a figment of the colorist's imagination."

Wow. You really don't know much about the FSA/OWI Collection. Here's a link to some background regarding the collection; addtional links on the page give further context to this remarkable collection of photos.

Ben Hom

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