Re: ARA type "Y" truck photos or drawings

Rob M.

Thank You!

Quite conveniently, I'll be in Strasburg tomorrow morning for the 2r O scale meet. I'll stop off at SRR after the show.

If you can upload them here it would be fine. There seemed to be a problem today, I couldn't reply to this thread earlier. Perhaps a server or space issue on y's end.

And I replied to your email. I appreciate the drawings.

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The ARA Type Y was based upon a patent of William Kiesel from the PRR.

There are drawings of the Type Y in the 1928 and later Car Builders' Cyclopedias. I've been trying to upload them to the site without much succss. I keep getting error messages.

I have two photos of truck side frames, which follow the design of the Type Y, but I can't say definitively that they are that, because there are no markings which indicate so.

The PRR 2DF8 was also based upon the Kiesel patent, and I believe it's a pretty close match to the Type Y.

Also, I have an N&W photo of a similar design, which I took last week in Roanoke.

If you're near Strasburg, the Strasburg Railroad has several trucks of this design running under their freight & MOW equipment.

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