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Rob M.


For the starting point of the type Y's I'll be using a PSC 2D-F5 cabin car truck with a bolster and wheel change for P:48.

Richard H used this idea for his HO scale Van Dyke car so I hope to do the same in O since it's a bit easier to modify the side frames to the correct shape and to add brake hangars, beams and spreaders.


Rob Mondichak

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The ARA Type Y was based upon a patent of William Kiesel from the PRR.

There are drawings of the Type Y in the 1928 and later Car
Builders' Cyclopedias. I've been trying to upload them to the site
without much succss. I keep getting error messages.

I have two photos of truck side frames, which follow the design of
the Type Y, but I can't say definitively that they are that,
because there are no markings which indicate so.

The PRR 2DF8 was also based upon the Kiesel patent, and I believe
it's a pretty close match to the Type Y.

Also, I have an N&W photo of a similar design, which I took last
week in Roanoke.

If you're near Strasburg, the Strasburg Railroad has several trucks
of this design running under their freight & MOW equipment.

I was going to suggest the 2D-F8 as well <G>, but for the UTLX "Van
Dyke" car that Rob is working on, he needs 5' wheelbase trucks.


Bruce F. Smith
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