Re: Reefers On The San Pedro, LA &Salt Lake RR/ LA & Salt Lake RR

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Bob Chaparro wrote:
Did the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad/ Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad have its own refrigerator cars or did it have an operating agreement with the Pacific Fruit Express Company?
Did the company have agreements for refrigerator cars, icing service, etc. with other railroads?
Since the SP,LA&SL was owned 50 percent by UP, it is natural that PFE supplied refrigerator cars--once PFE came into existence in December, 1906. The SP,LA&SL was completed early in 1905, and from then until Harriman started buying reefers (ordered in late 1905) I would assume the existing Armour car contract in force on UP likewise would have been in force on the SP,LA&SL, but only for probably a year to a year and a half.
Eventually, of course, UP obtained Senator Clark's 50 percent also, and the line became a pure UP property.

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