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Quick answer in - none.

A compress was just a warehouse that received cotton bales from the cotton gins and compressed them to make more fit into ships for shipping. These were more or less centralized on the route from the production areas to the using/overseas shipping areas.

Cotton seed oil was processed closer the the gins. Back 80 years ago many of the larger gins have a oil mill located near by. Today the oil mill business is more centralized and the cotton seed is sent to the mill. One modern mill warehouses cotton seed in Mississippi and does its processing in Texas.

Check some Sanborn (or other) fire insurance maps for your time frame.

Howard Garner

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What kind of tank cars would have been used to transport cotton seed oil from the local cotton compress during the steam era?
I am currently modeling cotton compresses in two different Texas towns and need some type of cars to haul the oil to the soap manufacturers, potato chip manufacturers, and whereever else the oil would be used. I assume they would be leased tank cars with perhaps the companies' name stenciled on the side.
Secondly, are there any models that would fit or could be kitbashed to be close to prototypical?
Thanks in advance for any information.

Charles Etheredge
Austin, Texas

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