Re: Sunshine's current kits

Jim Hayes

Wow. $123.50. Yet I'm not surprised. There are people out there willing to
pay a lot to get a Sunshine kit now rather than in 6 months, or they are
unaware that they're still available.


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robertb@...> wrote:

Thanks Jim. That's good advice. I was curious about the availability after
I saw one of the vinegar tank cars on ebay:-

The bidders seemed to be very keen on paying $123 for a $45 kit, so I
wondered if it perhaps was no longer available. I know delivery of kits by
Martin does take a while, but to pay 2.7 times the price just to get it

I'll now go ahead and order the kits I want and be happy to wait for when
Martin is able (in his schedule) to ship them, as well as getting two for
that kind of money.


Robert Bogie

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Sunshine's current kits

Robert, The July 2009 price list together with the November 2009 New
Products sheet is the most up-to-date information available. I'm hoping to
see an updated list at Naperville in October. Sunshine is slow to
discontinue kits. I'd feel safe ordering the vinegar tank and anything else
that's listed on the 2009 price list. I can't guarantee any of this though.
Sunshine doesn't notify me when a kit is discontinued. I have to gather
information by noticing what is no longer on the price list and it's
difficult to see what's not there. Sunshine normally discontinues a kit
when they run out of instructions, decals or detail parts, or if the molds
are worn out and Martin figures it's not worth it to make new ones.


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The list of kits available on your site is as at 2009. Do you know if it
still accurate? I was contemplating ordering the Vinegar tank car, plus
some other NYC kits.


Robert Bogie
Melbourne, Australia

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 15:59:52 -0700
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Subject: [STMFC] Sunshine Naperville Introductions

Today I received a flyer from Sunshine titled Naperville Introductions.
new introductions are

NC&St.L XM-32 36' steel rebuilt boxcar
Circumferential rivet tanks
GN 2501 series plywood express boxcars
GM&O 35200 40' DD autocar
CRI&P covered hopper for silica sand, Mini-Kit
ATSF Bx-41,42,45,46,49 ARA rebuilds
D&RGW 15' door 10'8" IH auto/grain box
Fruehauf ribbed trailers
NKP, LV, ATSF piggyback flat Mini-Kits

Photos of some are included. There's also a 2nd flyer which is identical
the ATSF convention flyer with the header changed.
The Naperville Introductions flyer can be viewed on my website on the

Question: Does anyone know what circumferential rivet tankcar will be

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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