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Roland Levin


Will you scan the flyer and post it to your website? I'm interested in more information about the D&RGW car.

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

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Ämne: [STMFC] Sunshine Naperville Introductions

Today I received a flyer from Sunshine titled Naperville Introductions. The
new introductions are

NC&St.L XM-32 36' steel rebuilt boxcar
Circumferential rivet tanks
GN 2501 series plywood express boxcars
GM&O 35200 40' DD autocar
CRI&P covered hopper for silica sand, Mini-Kit
ATSF Bx-41,42,45,46,49 ARA rebuilds
D&RGW 15' door 10'8" IH auto/grain box
Fruehauf ribbed trailers
NKP, LV, ATSF piggyback flat Mini-Kits

Photos of some are included. There's also a 2nd flyer which is identical to
the ATSF convention flyer with the header changed.
The Naperville Introductions flyer can be viewed on my website on the Meets

Question: Does anyone know what circumferential rivet tankcar will be sold?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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