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Bill, I too am glad Martin is doing the NC&StL XM-32 as it was the largest class on the railroad in 1947. I wonder which Hutchins end he is doing? I did a quick check of one that I saw in 1987 in Illinois and it had two section Hutchins ends, not the four section end shown on p.23 of Freight Cars Journal No. 63. This same publication has as you know some good stenciling diagrams in it including the "To and From Dixieland" (Brush Stroke) and the same in the much finer, earlier script lettering. A question for you and the group: When did the N&C begin to use the large horizontal stripes on box cars? The earliest that I can document is Sept. 1946. I have a feeling that in my era not many of these would be around, which is okay since I like the other "To and From Dixieland" Stencils better. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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As a ya'll road modeler I am thrilled to finally see the little NC&StL rebuild. Martin has had the components of this car in the works for well over a decade. They had Murphy ends in addition to the reversed Hutchins ends. In addition to the "stripe" scheme there was at least what I would call the "script" scheme with Dixieland in what looks like a fountain pen stroke which Martin is doing also.

Bill Welch

Clearwater, FL

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Today I received a flyer from Sunshine titled Naperville Introductions. The
new introductions are
NC&St.L XM-32 36' steel rebuilt boxcar
Circumferential rivet tanks
GN 2501 series plywood express boxcars
GM&O 35200 40' DD autocar
CRI&P covered hopper for silica sand, Mini-Kit
ATSF Bx-41,42,45,46,49 ARA rebuilds
D&RGW 15' door 10'8" IH auto/grain box
Fruehauf ribbed trailers
NKP, LV, ATSF piggyback flat Mini-Kits
Photos of some are included. There's also a 2nd flyer which is identical to
the ATSF convention flyer with the header changed.
The Naperville Introductions flyer can be viewed on my website on the Meets
Question: Does anyone know what circumferential rivet tankcar will be sold?
Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon
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