Re: Atlas 11,000 Gallon LPG Tankcar

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tom Olsen wrote:
Atlas is releasing new paint schemes for their 11,000 Gallon LPG Tank Car. Here is the write-up about the cars that appeared in the Model Railroad Hobbyist Newsletter for August 2010:

Atlas said the Columbia Southern and Solvay schemes are prototypically correct for smaller tank cars of similar design.
Just how prototypical are these paint schemes for this model and if correct, then when were they used? Are these tank cars the same as those LPG tank cars released earlier or are these cars new tooling?
Tom, what part of the Atlas statement confused you? They are "real" paint schemes but NOT for this car body. And since they've had an 11,000-gallon tank car for some time in HO scale, I'm pretty certain this is that same tooling.

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