Re: ERIE single-sheathed box cars



Richard and STMFC, I checked my copy of the ORER (10/47, p.175, and
note A p.176) and I think that it is telling us that only 75 of the cars
kept their wood doors, the rest (122 cars) I guess had steel? There
seem to be slight differences in the "width at eaves" dimension. FHP
(Frank H. Peacock)
The ERIE diagram for these cars [Numbers 71806-71966], at the Fallen
Flag site, dated April 22, 1937 lists 25 cars that received Youngstown
steel doors and Creco fixtures. The diagram list the EXW for these
boxcars as 9'-9" with wood doors and 10'-0" with steel doors.
Apparently, more cars were converted before October 1947.

Bob Witt

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