New Paint Schemes for Atlas 11,000 Gal.


Good Morning Guys,

Thanks for tipping me off to the previous postings regarding the Atlas lettering schemes on the wrong cars. I am running a bit behind in my email and had to go back to look for the postings in regard to these cars. It is a shame that Atlas continuously puts lettering schemes for cars that did not have them. Several of those listed are not available, either in cars of the correct size or in decals, especially those for Barrett and Solvay Process.

The ACF book has pictures of a number of these schemes, but no decals are currently available. Here is the east in the '50s, one would see large numbers of tank cars with just about every variation of the Barrett and Solvay paint schemes. Barrett had a plant in South Philadelphia and it's parent company, Allied Chemical, had several plants in the Delaware Valley, so that it would be unusual not to see tank cars lettered for these companies. Cars lettered for the Solvay Process were also frequent visitors due to the number of chemical plants and refineries in the area.

Perhaps someone will eventually bring out cars of the right size with these schemes or at least, do decal sets to match the variations.

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479

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