Milling Machines

Bill Welch


I have been spending time online looking at small milling machines as I anticipate some model making/building challenges. For example one project could involve cutting apart several SFRD 50-ft reefer roofs and reassembling into something very different. This is something requiring more precision I believe than a razor saw and NWSL True Sander can accomplish. Another task will be to remove unwanted material from the surface of something very cleanly. In addition to styrene, I imagine work with resin and brass.

So far I have identified three systems:

Sherline--which is the smallest machine at 20.75 inches high, 33 lbs and "electronically" controlled motor speed with an incredible website with great information that helped me understand what I will probably want in terms of a cutting or milling device. Did not see HP of the motor stated

Taig is 21 3/8 inches tall and weights 65 lbs and 1/5th HP motor if I read and understood it correctly. One dealer has a website that looks exhaustive and probably more serious than my needs. More of a dedicated machinist resource

Micromark/Harbor Freight which from what I can tell are the same machine appearing under other labels as well. (There is a Harbor Freight very near me and I went over to see if the had one on the floor but they did not. They did have the equivalent lathe from the same manufacturer and it is a serious tool.) It mill has two variable speed ranges with a .47 HP motor, is 110 lbs. and 33 3/4 inches high. The Micro Mark/Harbor Freight examples are bigger than I need I think.

Initially I believe most of my work will be with 3/8 inch shank "End Mills" to do the cutting. These cut on the end and the side.

Pricing on all is fairly close IMO. I am wondering if anyone on this list has experience with any of these systems and can comment on them?

Bill Welch

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