Re: Milling Machines

Bill Welch

Thank you Jack & Steve:

I did look at the Proxxon Machine and it looks like another good candidate. One thing did concern and that is its speed (5000 rpm the slowest) when using it with styrene. I am worried it will melt the styrene.

Bill Welch

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bill, I own a proxxon mf70 (check model expo) and have used a sherline.

I have heard that the harbor freight machines are sturdy but not so accurate. hearsay only. heard of taig but cannot recall anything that stood out.

from experience I think a sherline is ok but requires some careful use and setup.

the proxxon is very small (they do offer some larger models) but I have been pleased with the accuracy out of the box and also the ease of adjustment. bang for the Buck Has been quite good.

one concern is that to use very small mills you need a very high rpm, which most mills cannot do. the proxxon does. and for the tasks you describe a 3/8 that bit will work, sure, but is overkill. think of milling off molded on grabs...

so my 0.02 is to take a look at the proxxon, but the sherline should serve.

have fun
steve Wintner

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