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Bill Lane


I have had 2 Unimats for about 15 years now. Since getting them 1 has always been set up as a lathe and the other as a mill. I have gotten by with them, but at times it has been difficult. The lathe usually does not drill concentrically. The mill has table slop which has lead to the death of many $10.00+ carbide micro mills. You have to be very cognizant of feeding into the material or the table can chatter, ruining your piece and breaking the bit in about 1/2 second.

Almost since the beginning I have classed them as 'better then nothing" with the thought to replace them with something more accurate some day, which has not come yet. I have not researched what I would get because I have not been on the edge of buying them. I usually view Harbor Freight and MicroMark tools in the same "better then nothing" class. Conversely I DO have a 7" tall 1500 pound full size Bridgeport mill! it is a metal chomping beast, all for working on model trains! I got is for less then scrap value with a brand now motor included. I could not pass it up. All I need is a big enough shop at my house to hold it now!

There is a group for such tools here:

Official group content - I have used my Unimats to make master patterns (in pre-Solidworks days) of freight car draft gear! Honest!

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