Milling Machines

Bill Welch

Thanks to all that have contributed so far. Regarding the concern I expressed about melting styrene, my experience did happen when drilling into styrene which is obviously different than working on the edge or surface of a material. Here is another scenario I anticipate: The Athearn 2-bay rib side hopper is a good representation of a large group of hoppers owned by the Southern RR except for the prominent flange along the bottom of the side. I have tried to remove this by hand but the results were not very good. I would think that a mill would make this removal very smooth, but was not sure if high speed would ruin the surface. From what everyone is saying, I should not worry about this.

The Sherline tool operates up to 2800 RPM. Based on Dennis' comments, this sounds sufficient for getting clean results with styrene.

One of the first things I did was educate myself on how the cutting tool should be held for solid and accurate work and "mill end holders" designed for specific sizes of shanks is the only way to go. I see now however that I will want to explore the options regarding smaller shanks and respectively sized holders. Collets and chucks are not to be used for the operations I envision.

Bill Welch

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