Re: Hi-Tech Details air hoses

Randy Hammill

I've just used the rubber ones without the bracket, cut off the rubber "pipe" at the angle cock, and after drilling a small starter hole I replace it with brass wire.

I can make a firm connection with the brass wire, with whatever bracket is appropriate, and can set the rotational angle as well.

Randy Hammill

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Pierre, I've bought some of each but prefer the ones with the separate brass bracket because you can position the air hose at the proper rotational angle. (The all-in-one parts have the angle cock straight up and down.) Perhaps if we hadn't had the recent discussion here enlightening us about rotational angle I'd feel differently, but.....

I also have some of the hoses without brackets, for those applications calling for formed steel plate rather than cast mounts.

Tom Madden

--- In, "Pierre" <pierre.oliver@> wrote:

I'ce been using Kadee air hoses for sometime now, but am giving serious consideration to switching over to the rubber items from Hi-Tech Details.
The big question for me seems to be whether to use the #6039 with molded on bracket, or the #6040 with the seperate brass bracket. Cost aside I'd like to hear feedback from fellows who have used these items and their preferences.
Pierre Oliver

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