Re: New Paint Schemes for Atlas 11,000 Gal.

Randy Hammill

I've seen the prior discussions here about MTH, and I have no idea what their definition of 'accurate' is.

But in their catalogs (I'm assuming it will also be on the packaging) they have a an orange "I" that indicates the car is not prototypical. Here's their description:

While we take pride in the prototype accuracy of most of our
HO products, you will find items in this and future catalogs
bearing an designation (and item numbers with an "81"
prefix) that may feature imaginary graphics or stray from historical
accuracy. These products are exciting and
enjoyable for railroaders who like to use their imagination
and just have some fun.

Randy Hammill

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As has been discussed here often, the bogus paint schemes help pay for models we might not otherwise get. I wish the label would include a mention of accurate or not lettering as a caution to those few of us who care. Until then I am very grateful for this group which always seems to have someone who can provide accurate information about nearly anything freight-car-wise.

Thank you all,
Gene Green
No mfgr is in a hurry to dip his toe in that particular pool, Gene. Rapido's Jason Shron explained it very nicely on the other day in the following exchange regarding fantasy paint schemes on his steam generator car:

As much as I respect Jason S. at Rapido. They do
have a penchant for "fantasy" paint schemes. Don't
get me wrong, I TOTALLY understand the whys as to
why they do it. There are times when I wish they
would label them for what they are "fantasy
When it comes to motive power, we will indeed do that, even if it means we will lose some sales.

But for rolling stock, we simply can't afford to be the first ones to do it. Here's a story I was told by a hobby shop owner in the Toronto area. A customer came in and picked up a gorgeous P2K gondola painted in CN colours. There was a note on the box, put on by the folks at Hobbycraft in deference to expert advice, that said it was not 100% prototypical for CN. The customer frowned, put it down, and picked up an Athearn RTR gondola painted in CN colours instead. It was just as wrong. He looked for the disclaimer, didn't find it, and bought it instead. He left the store a happy customer.

If the NMRA made it a RP for all manufacturers to put "this is bogus" disclaimers on packaging and all manufacturers agreed to do it, we would be on board. But until that happens, we can't afford to be the model that the potential customer puts down, especially in this still painful economy.

Tom Madden

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