Re: Reducing 1/48 drawing to 1/87

Dick Harley

On Thu Aug 19, 2010 Richard Townsend wrote :

>>Multiply the 1/48 dimension by 0.55 is how I do it.
>>You seem to have very high standards and may want to multiply by

Actually, if you want exact HO scale (3.5 mm. = 1 foot) from exact O
scale (0.25 in. = 1 foot), you would multiply the O scale dimension
by 0.5511811
(That's 3.5 mm/ft divided by 25.4 mm/in divided by 0.25 in/ft.)

HO scale is really 1/87.085714 scale ratio. Some folks use 1/87,
and some use 1/87.1, but if you want to be accurate ....

Yours for accuracy where you can find it,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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