Re: Train of Thought- Sanding resin flash, or: avoiding bloody finger tips.

Bruce Smith

Denny Anspach <danspach@...> 08/19/10 11:08 PM >>>
I write this all up so that I can learn from others how THEY handle
this relatively common but time consuming and tedious >situation. My
finger prints have probably been erased from my fingers during previous
bouts of such resin flash sanding with >much smaller pieces, the skin of
the fingers being freshly sanded -bloody even- along with the target
resin part.


220? Show some courage, man! <VBG> I start with 90 grit Norton 3X
sandpaper. This stuff is amazing as it lasts 3x longer than regular

Sand in a figure 8 motion, turning the work every 10 strokes or so

Check often, and don't get distracted... or you WILL sand through your
work - total work time, about 3-5 minutes max.

When you get close, shift to something in the high 100's to low 200's
for grit (now is the time for that 220).

When the flash in the slats is basically falling out, grit blast it off.

And - I know you know this, but others may not - wear respiratory
protection (a dust mask) as resin dust is not harmless.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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