Re: Train of Thought- Sanding resin flash, or: avoiding bloody finger tips.

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

The YV never had a need to run stock cars so I don't ever see the need to
built a resin stock car kit. But it seems that one of the problems is
getting constant pressure when you are sanding, regardless of the grade of
sandpaper. I once purchased a small sheet of "rubber" at the hardware store
to temporarily stop a leak on a water pipe (the rubber and a pair of
radiator clamps did the job). I wonder if a piece of rubber attached to a
block of wood (with contact cement or double sided tape) could be used in
lieu of your fingers during the sanding operation? The rubber would allow
the block to conform to the surface variations of the resin side and,
hopefully, also let the piece slide back and forth on the sandpaper without
slipping. If that works as envisioned, it would even out the pressure as you

Just an untried thought...

Jack Burgess

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