Building Stock Cars vs. Tank Cars

Bill Welch

I have built both the Westerfield New York Central and Northern
Specific NP stock cars and they are two of my favorite models. I
don't remember anything special except there was a little more clean
up. I did scratch build what I thought was a more accurate roof for
the NYC model now available from Speedwitch.

To me tank cars are much more challenging. I have done three of the
Speedwitch tanks cars which went well but they are mostly styrene. I
have built two Sunshine insulated and two UTLX tank cars and I am
still working on the Vinegar tank car which I work on until I get
tired of fooling/fiddling with it and pick it up months later. I have
also prepped the parts for Sunshine's GATX but put it aside when I
realized the parts did not line up well on the underframe. Personally
I think more thought needs to go in the engineering of these kits
although the results are stunning IMO and I am willing to go the
extra mile.

I have starting cleaning up the parts on Jon Cagle's kits and I think
these are well thought out although the ends of bottom of the tank do
not mesh well with the upper portion of the tank. His inclusion of
templates will be helpful I think when I get to that stage.

In short in my experience, building a resin stock car is like falling
off a log compared to building a resin tank car.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764

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