Re: What's on your work bench?

Clark Propst

Charlie, At this moment there's a RTR IM ATSF WE box car. I bought the car as a second (1/2 price) at the National Train Show. Has a figure smudge, heck, all my models have figure smudges !

I was able to get it out of the box...whew...But when I was setting it on the rails a corner step fell off. I set the step on the roof to remind me to place it when I noticed the running board was black. Off to my work desk.

I replaced all the corner steps with A-Line and painted the running board Floquil Southern Brown, closest I had to the car color, which ain't Santa Fe Mineral Red.

Later I thought I'd better check the couplers and trucks. Looks like IM used Kadee #5s, but I standardized on scale head, whisker style. I had to destroy the coupler boxes to get them off - Well glued on. I knew the ATSF was partial to ACF A3 trucks, so I added a pr of Kato's. I wasn't sure about the trucks, so I emailed Richard. He say the trucks were ok, but IM had left off the class designation Bx-38. While I was putting those decals on I decided to reweigh the car to within my timeframe.

I have one side done. Need to do the other side soon because the car in on the switch list for tonight's op session. Guess I better get after it?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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