What's on your work bench?

gary laakso

I have 4 of the Sunshine 1937 Great Northern DS boxcars decaled on one side on the work bench. Next to them are: 1) an Overland Models "Poultry Palace" car awaiting decals; 2) one Westerfield Great Northern truss rod boxcar awaiting floor assembly; 3)- two Sunshine Great Northern Single Sheathed boxcars, bodies assembled, one has the underbody completed; 4)- two Sunshine Great Northern 3000 class DS box cars, bodies assembled, one has the underbody completed; 5)- Overland scale test car just painted and awaiting Great Northern decals that I got from Portland Car and Foundry; 6)- two Sunshine Northern Pacific DS boxcars, both bodies assembled; 7) two Sunshine New York Central gondolas with hole drilling underway with my new Otto Frei drills and drill holder and 8) 3 Red Caboose flatcars being converted to Great Northern; awaiting an order of decals from Portland Car and Foundry. I know the work area has other projects buried under sheets of decals and part boxes!

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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