Re: Pictures of Tools

Bill Welch

Thank you Tim, this is sort of what I have in mind. I am realizing I need to be more specific. What I would love to see out pure curiosity is a picture of the cavity in a tool or mold into which the styrene is injected. Ideally it would be a RR subject or something similarly recognizable and not for example a tail light or bottle cap.

Bill Welch, who may be sorry he posted the request.

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What I was requesting was photos of the tool(s) used to create plastic kits as I have never seen one.
Bill Welch
Not railroad molds, but I think some of them might be like this

Interesting info and pictures here

The Branchline mold I saw had lots of holes on the smooth backside,
for the ejector pins and fluid injection.

Tim O'Connor

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