Re: What's on your work bench?


On my downstairs workbench (which my wife hates, since it's the kitchen table): two 42' RC flatcars converted to 13 stake, for MP, and one 45' spliced from two RC flatcars, also MP, which have the decking finished by the Tichy method but are not painted. Also, an F&C CGW PS-0 minus a couple of small details, but I received the decals last week. And, a Life-Like / Sunshine Wabash 50' auto car. Just off is another Life-Like with MDC fishbelly underframe, MP also, and an IC Centralia box from IM parts, riveted sides from the 37 modified XM and P-S ends and roof, and Accurail 5-panel Superior door. Plus two Sunshine flatcars with the decking not attached to the rest of the car. The Bx-11 is awaiting something else getting finished to make room for it.

On the upstairs workbench: five Branchline cars awaiting corner grabs and cut levers (the pin vises are downstairs). One day soon I'll repair the lamp up there so I can see all that stuff.

Ron Merrick

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Wondering what's on your work bench and would you recommend it to another modeler?

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