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Chris Sawicki

Jeff- slides are a means of coring a hole in a plastic part not in the direction
of mold opening. (ie- molding a stock car body in one piece would usually
require slides (or side coring to mold the open spaces between the horizontal

Steel that must be withdrawn from the plastic part sideways, before the part can
be ejected.

Usually done mechanically, by cams. (but not always)

Chris Sawicki (injection molding engr in my day job)

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If you scroll down in the Wikipedia article, there are several photos of the
mold for LEGO bricks. They're not trains, but at least they're something of a
similar size.

What I don't fully understand is the concept of "slides" in a mold.



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Thank you Tim, this is sort of what I have in mind. I am realizing I need to be
more specific. What I would love to see out pure curiosity is a picture of the
cavity in a tool or mold into which the styrene is injected. Ideally it would be
a RR subject or something similarly recognizable and not for example a tail
light or bottle cap.

Bill Welch, who may be sorry he posted the request.

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What I was requesting was photos of the tool(s) used to create plastic kits
as I have never seen one.
Bill Welch
Not railroad molds, but I think some of them might be like this

Interesting info and pictures here

The Branchline mold I saw had lots of holes on the smooth backside,
for the ejector pins and fluid injection.

Tim O'Connor
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