Re: What's on your work bench?

Pierre <pierre.oliver@...>

I built a trio of those this past winter. Very pleased with the results.
I would suggest a change from the instructions if you haven't got there already.
The instruction call for drilling the carbody adjacent to the ladder stiles for insertion of grabs for the ladder rungs. I did not like the end result of that method, so I simply cut .012 brass wire to the correct length and laid them into the slight groove in the stile side. Very effective I thought and better looking.
Today on the bench is a quartet of Sunshine rebuilds acquired last year in Naperville.
Pierre Oliver

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Hmmm. Everyone seems to be quite busy. I kept waiting to see if anyone...and
no, it looks like I may be the only one that is working on the WrightTRAK
B&O M-53 box car. It seems to be going OK...

Mike Brock

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