What's on your workbench?

David Turner

On my workbench are: 1. F&C B&O P-11 flatcar being converted to SP&S
X165 as the prototype did in 1944, along with a load to help bring it up
to weight, 2. a GN NW-5 crosskit project, 3, some minor repair to an
Ulrich stockcar (required stockcar content), 4. a Northern Specific 52'
NP flatcar as SP&S 34000 series, 5. a Sunshine 67.26 SP&S gondola in
23000 series, 6. a check of the coupler height on a Sunset SP&S Z6
4-6-6-4, and 7. brass painting projects on a W&R round roof 40' boxcar
which was sold to NP for use on the SP&S; a Cascade SP&S #57 single door
baggage which prototype had converted from Pullman Tourist 1431, and an
Oriental Plan 7042C Lot 6303 1929 diner as SP&S #404.

Best regards,
David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Rwy. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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