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Right now I have three Speedwich X29 type boxcar kits - the MEC, L&NE and B&O M-26 versionson the bench. I like to build several similar kits in small groups. I have completed the carbodys and underframes to the point of beginning the addition of detail parts. As these kits are plastic kits with to which you add proper resin parts, I feel these are good kits for someone looking to start working with resin. For those of us with experience in resin building, they are a pleasant diversion. I found the M-26 to be a good teaching tool in learning the features of the Duryea underframe.

I'm also working on a P2K 50' GTW boxcar and have just finished a Stella Scale Models L&NE Martins Creek station resin building kit and two F&C phosphate covered hoppers - ACL and SAL. These are for those who have a fair number of resin kits under their belts! Between projects, I am painting and lettering a fleet of Tichy pulpwood flatcars for our club.

Jim Kubanick
Morgantown WV

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