What's on your work bench?

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Hi to all...

I have been having a lot of fun reading these posts thinking how can these guys get so jammed up with projects, that was until I went and had a good look at my workbench and realised how many projects I have going at the one time, no wonder I don't seem to get anything done. Unless mentioned all of this is in N scale, and that's probably the reason I don't notice them so much because they are smaller that I was used to in HO!! Some of this relates to the freight car list but a lot don't, oh well off to jail I go.....Mike I hope the food is good...

1. Two Atlas ARA boxcars to be repainted and converted into Seaboard Air Line express boxcars with the louvres in the side, I have not the foggiest idea at this stage how I am going to achieve this, but there you go, these are your fault Andy Sperandeo..
2. One Intermountain Auto car with double doors stripped and waiting to be repainted into MP express car, waiting for the Oddballs decals, you again Andy...
3. One Kato Mikado awaiting new tender trucks for repair
4. Four Arnold Rapido S2's awiting stripping and painting into ATSF original black switcher schemes
5. Two Minitrix FM diesels which are being converted into UP H20-44's by adding louvres, cab details etc, these are both half finished.
6. Three Fine N Scale truss rod boxcars where I am modifying the roofs and other bits to match ATSF Bx-15's
7. Four old Atlas/Rivarossi Buffet Library cars being modified into rider cars for the Fast Mail.
8. One Overland HO 200 ton crane, custom painting to UP standards for a client
9. One HO GP 10 cutom painting in the Midsouth Operation Lifesaver scheme for a client.
10. Tichy 120 ton crane and work train to be built and painted in ATSF.
11. Two HO Hallmark 3129 class Steam loco's to be painted in ATSF
12. Two Kato early phase 1 F3's to be painted in the Warbonnet scheme.
13. Scratchbuilt Agents House for Summit in bits on the bench awaiting windows.
14. Three Fine N scale resin truss rod reefer kits being Kitbashed into Early Swift steel channel underframe cars.
15. One HO DJH kit of an ATSF 3160 class Mikado, to be finished building and painted for a client.
16. One DL109 from Life Like which is being modified to more closely match the ATSF version of this loco.
17. One Kato PA being repainted into UP.
and finally
Four Tichy N scale GS Gondolas built and painted to match UP. Not to mention all of the cars wanting weathering on the desk and the half a dozen No8 switches in various stages of completion by the Fast tracks jig. Not to mention the numerous amount of baggage car sides I have on order, when they get here there will be about another six projects added to this.

Whew!! No wonder I don't ever seem to get anything finished, but hey mine is nothing compaired to photographs I've seen of Otto Kroutil's work bench. He should chime in here and come clean as well. Oh well it's all fun and keeps me out of trouble.

Rob McLear
Brisbane Australia.

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