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I share the same theories , sayings and sentiments as everyone else. Currently my work bench is sitting in the garage, all work boxed up. I just relocated and am in the process of building my basement shop. I have 24 x 30' area to play with, thank you wife! (lol!). What I do need to finish when I get setup again:
1. Ann Arbor 40' AAR Box Car, C&BT heavily modified.
2. Pennsy X43 Box Car, again C&BT heavily modified.
3. CGW 50' Gondola, kitbashed MDC following C&NW article.
4. C&O PS-1 12 panel Box Car.
5. MILW 65' mill gon, modified Eastern Car Works kit.
6. MP dimple-panel side gondola, ancient Sunshine kit.
7. MP gondola, ancient Sunshine kit.
8. UP bi-level enclosed auto rack, heavily weathered Walther's model.
9. MP Stock Car, old Ambroid/Northeastern kit.
And a zillion other irons in the fire that need to be painted, finished and weathered.
Rich Christie

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A true lister in this group has, without question, a back log of kits stored for those deep snow days, rainy days, and the I deserve a break day. I'm just as bad as the rest; 64 items yet to be built. Currently researching PRR cranes and steam shovels, and decided to finally build the one I've had for 20 years, at least, by Vintage Vehicles.
No douibt when I get to my next show, or proto meet, there will be an upsurge of things to be completed at a later date. I agree with Marty, the trick is to actually get them assembled and running on the RR. So many kits, so few fingers.
Fred Freitas
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And I thought for all these years that the mantra was, "The one who dies with the most toys wins!"

Trying real hard to win,

Pierre Oliver

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Are you trying to start a "Can You Top This" with this statement?


Anyone can BUY the fool things . . . getting to the point where you have no more left to BUILD is the challenge. <g>

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