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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

What is totally interesting in the many parts of this thread is to once again be made aware of the intensely catholic interests that make up this intelligent group, the nature of which IMHO also form the basic strength of the wider hobby. No one is in lockstep!

My summer workbench projects are fresh anew each year, all projects drawn from my own stash of "the Great Unbuilt", solely because of personal attractiveness, or the challenge of building. Because I am separated for several months from the distractions of my layout, and the resources of my library, my home workbench, my paint booth, and my supply cupboards, my focus is narrowed to and by the chosen kits, tools and parts on hand. It is in this environment that, in fact, most of my freight cars actually begin life! Before leaving Sacramento home, all the kits are vetted for needed extra parts, trucks, couplers, etc. , and in most instances already will have had the wheels changed out, and the trucks and couplers (Accumate Proto-default, with some Kadee #152s) at least temporarily mounted to the underframes.

Aside from the pleasant distractions of delightful grandchildren, a gorgeous environment, and the lure of boating on the lake in front me, the most insidious continuing and unchanging distraction to real productivity in my kit building is the siren song posed by the many interesting posts appearing daily on my trusty Apple Laptop [Heh, heh, heh....!].

Projects on the bench, or waiting in the wings:

Gould tank car (finished!)

Westerfield Milw 36' drop bottom stock car (well underway)

Rail Shop PRR H-70 covered hopper. (challenging kit for a very interesting car, but also a kit that I have yet to fully understand, Has anyone yet attempted one?).

Westerfield Milw 40' double sheathed boxcars (2). (Al's newest production of a once-ubiquitous prototype never before modeled in HO).

NKP Shops Milw 70' baggage cars. (2. The prototype showed up all over the US, and on the MIlwaukee was commonly routinely hauled in freight trains when no 1st class trains were otherwise available. These kits offer an opportunity to first upgrade and then use up some of my stash of Central Valley trucks).

Sunshine 50' NYC express car. (ubiquitous car. Ditto opportunity to use up yet more CV trucks!).

I should be back at the bench right now to again ramp up production, but first, I have to finish this post.....


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Okoboji, Iowa

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