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Bill Welch

This was certainly true Bob of the FGE/WFE/BRE fleet as portrayed in this photo, given the mixed origins/pedigree of the cars in their fleet coming from 30+ builders. The would have ranged from the ex-PRR R7's being the shortest height to the cars built by FGE & WFE beginning 1926/27 which Sunshine represents in one of its kits being the tallest before WWII. The 1942 wartime design was probably taller but do not have details right in front of me. The post WWII rebuilding of FEG/WFE built cars represented by Sunshine and IM would have underscored the multiple height of the wood-sheathed FGE/WFE/BRE fleet.

If someone has sorted out how to get actual images and reproduction privileges from this source, please share it with the list.

Bill Welch

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The neat photo with "atmosphere". It almost appears that no two reefers
have the same height. If one is modeling this period this what ones
model trains need to look like.

Bob Witt

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April 1938, somewhere on the Southern Rwy

Tim O'

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