Interesting tools and adhesives in the Scrap Booking Isle

Bill Welch

I am working on a pattern for a resin part that will require an accurate and cleanly cut hole in the center of the part and a friend suggested looking in a craft store. I instantly remembered all of the interesting tools I have seen scrap bookers using and went to Michaels this morning. As it turns out they did not have anything that would cut something as small as I wanted but I saw several potentially useful things, especially some very small Fiskers knives designed to wrap around one finger. Very cool for tight places and intricate work.

Anyway, here are some places or brands I found in addition to Fiskers with interesting cutting tools and adhesives that may be applicable to our hobby.

ek success


The Olfa brand had a tool that would cut as small as a centimeter for about $9 which I am going to order. K-Mart apparently carries this brand.

Bill Welch

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