Re: What's on your work bench?


After finishing a Westerfield resin Milw stock car ( I have another left to build that will wait until winter ), I wanted an easier project so I am working on the first of three styrene Bowser PRR X-31 box cars on which I have just removed the molded on wire grabs, running board extension supports, and stirrup steps to be replaced. I enjoyed the resin kit and now the styrene kit so would recommend these kits.
Lester Breuer

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Wondering what's on your work bench and would you recommend it to another modeler?

I'm converting the Tichy USRA rebuilt boxcar to an ACL rebuilt information from Steve Hoxie and decals from Jerry Glow. Not a difficult conversion remove the steel panel roof yesterday and will add a USRA metal seam version and the underframe needs a fish belly vs the USRA straight one. Not a simple redecal kit but an easy conversion.

Second model is the Rocket Express 50' boxcar - flat resin kit, easy to build. I am replacing the kits ladders with those from a Branchline model and rebuild the lower door tracks with Evergreen 2"x3"'s and 1"x3"'s. I also replaced the tack boards with 1"x8" Evergreen. Recommend it to someone familiar with resin kits.

Charlie Duckworth

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