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Bill Welch

Regarding the photo from the second link Buddy has posted, we would note the car on the extreme right has an U/F very much like if not identical to the Bettendorf U/F seen on many PFE cars. FGE also had cars with U/F's very much like the PFE "built-up" U/F. I have not been able to document the precise origins of these two types beyond the fact that they were either ex-L&N or ex-Armour owned FGE or both.

These cars are easily modeled combining either a Tichy or Red Caboose U/F w/a Sunshine truss rod kit. Model photos can be found on the B&O, PRR, or ACL/SAL web based modeling magazine sites in the FGE/WFE/BRE special issue.

Bill Welch

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A few links to additional photos of FGEX/BREX/WFEX reefers from the May 1942 LIFE article on Yemassee SC. A definite bookmark (and time machine) for any ACL fans out there.

Color photo of FGEX R7 and SFRD Reefers:

B&W Photo of miscellaneous "Our Companies" reefers:,684&imgurl=651ed5964815acf3

When using the search function alternate entries such as "Yemassee", "Yemassee Junction", Yemassee SC" - each entry always seems to lead to more photos. Several photos of ACL & C&WC motive power and equipment, numerous reefers, a Sinclair tank car, N&W ventilated boxcar, etc. A great overview of an often overlooked railroad during wartime. Enjoy.........

Buddy Hill

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