Re: What's on your work bench?

william darnaby

Ok...FWIW on the remote workbench at the cabin I am carving on a couple of Sunshine IC hoppers.  I don't really need more IC hoppers but these are parts, enough to do 2 cars, that Martin gave me when I assembled the display model about 3 years ago.  This is a well designed kit that gets one very quickly to an Athearn blue box equivalent hopper.  It's all of the details that take the time.  I managed to assemble 24 resin cars at the cabin this summer, plus an Erie interlocking tower and finally turned to these cars for something to do.  The season is just about over as is the stock of resin.... but Naperville is coming! 
On the main workbench in the basement there is, of all things, an SP AC-10 getting a Tsunami transplant as a contract job for a friend at LaMesa in San Diego.  Oh yeah, pulls freight cars, lot's of 'em.
Bill Darnaby


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