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Robert kirkham

Thanks Ben. I wasn't meaning re-paint stencils in the sense of dating a re-paint of the car. I was noticing the two separate colours suggested as between the two re-pack blocks (upper block is lighter than lower block and the rest of the car side) and noticing that they didn't have the appearance of additional layers of paint, as I would expect and often see modelled. With such a fine line separating the two blocks, it seemed surprising to me. I don't quite follow why there are two blocks, and why one looks unused (apart from tacked on cardboard notices).


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Rob Kirkham asked:
"Curious to know what those stencils with the triangles on the ends
were for. The top one seems a different shade than the lower, yet it
doesn't look like a patched re-painted mark. Why the triangles? And
while I am at it, what car is this?,362&imgurl=e52a0aa6318f269e

The car in question is a PFE reefer. The markings in question are blocks for the repack stencils; note the repack stencil in the lower block.

Please get this straight - they're not "re-painted" marks - in this case, they're repack stencils.

Ben Hom


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