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So this slogan was on GTW cars?

Richard Wilkens

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Romeo, Michigan, in the "thumb" of the Lower Michigan is the current official Michigan Peach Festival Center.  The GTW use to cut right through the orchards (southeast  corner) of the area surrounding the village.  It was the Pontiac to Rochester to Richmond line.  Ford bought 1st Model A engine blocks from a local foundry in the village.  They always have an annual Peach Fest Queen (at least in "modern" days).

Al Kresse

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Picked up a snap shot photo of a girl hanging on the side of a wood double sheathed boxcar. The reason I bought it was of the unusual handbrake. On the car side is a shield with the slogan "The Line Through Michigan's Peach Orchards"

Anyone know what railroad this is? I'll try to scan the photo this evening.


Richard Wilkens

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