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For several years Martin Lofton has included a
mini-kit with the
registration materials for those who attend his
Prototype Modelers Meets.
For no particular reason other than my own
curiosity, I'm trying to put
together a list of all the Sunshine mini-kits. Two
mini-kits are listed in
the Sunshine catalog. They are M.1 roof to convert
open hopper to ATSF
covered grain hopper and M.2 Duryea underframes. In
addition to those two,
I'm aware of the following:
1/2 doors for CG 1-1/2 door boxcar
Replacement roof for Kato 2-bay covered hopper
Square corner ends for SOO and other boxcars
Underframe for ATSF Bx-41 - Bx-49 boxcars.

What others were there?
I think one or two these were covered, but....

Wabash Auto car (By the way, the resin casting for the
side sill under the door should be glued to the
"inside" (the side that faces the center sill) of the
underframe and up against the underside of the floor.
No offense to anyone who has done it, but I have seen
models where this was attached on to the bottom edge
of the side sill and it hangs WAY down, looking quite

CMO postwar AAR box car (basically the Duryea uframe
with 4/4 IDEs and decals)

CB&Q flat car (can't remember which one... nice model

RI Mod 37 AAR w/ Duryea uframe (again, just an
underframe with decals)


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