Re: Ladder widths

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

JP Barger inquires as to just how freight car ladder widths should actually be measured-

1) the rung length between stiles, or the functional step-on length of the
rung between the inside edge of the stiles?

2) Or, is it the length between rung mounts on the stiles, say between the
attaching rivets, bolts or slots in the stiles? (not likely!)

3) Or, is it outside overall width of the ladder assembly, measured between
the outside edges of the two stiles?

Well, the actual side ladder width that I need as measured by the width of the rungs/steps between stiles is 20", with the usual +/-. The ladders on the ends are nominally 18", and those.... I do have.

Now, I do have the correct side ladders in resin, but the rungs are like gossamer after the ladder has been planked, cleaned and made ready for the table. The first one I finished looked beautiful until under my very eyes one rung simply disappeared, and then another step several rungs away snapped at one attachment. I have two more of the correct resin ladders waiting in the wings, but I am not optimistic.

JP, you are a very welcome new voice of experience on this list, and I am so pleased that you have joined us!


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Okoboji, Iowa

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