UTOX Tank Car from Intermountain/Red Caboose


There was an exchange last year confirming the non-existence of a UTOX mark as used on a Walthers car. See message below, and http://www.nrhs.com/reporting_marks/aar_reporting_marks.htm, and http://www.nakina.net/other/report/reportu.html (both derived from ORERs)

Now Intermountain/Red Caboose has announced a silver/grey tank car with Standard Oil logo and UTOX mark (http://www.imrcmodels.com/newshocomingsoon.html). Anyone know if IM has independent research on this, or is just compounding the error?

-- Bill Sornsin

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I have among my collection of cars (put away for later use) an old Walthers tank car from the 1990s, painted metallic gray, with a Standard logo and UTOX reporting mark, car number 10325. It includes a weigh date of "L.A. 1-37". UTOX has been taken locally here in Utah as meaning Utah Oil Company, which Standard of Indiana bought in 1921. Here is some background for Utah Oil Company:


I sent a note to Richard Hendricks, and his reply was not encouraging as to either the UTOX mark, or the accuracy of the Walthers paint scheme in general. He also suggested that Union Tank Car's UTCX mark may have been misread as UTOX.

Richard's comment about the accuracy of the Walthers model rings with a bit of truth, since the "torch" logo they used was not used by Standard until 1946, which may or may not match the 1-37 weigh date.

I checked my January 1940 ORER on Westerfield's CD, and there is a UTCX series that would include UTCX 10325, but I may be missing something since I'm not very familiar with how to use an ORER to best advantage.

Maybe someone out there in STMFC land can take a quick look in their
resources and tell me about a UTOX reporting mark, especially if it even existed.

I am also interested in tank cars that may have been operated by the local Wasatch Oil Company, which Phillips bought in 1947. One local source has said that both Utah Oil and Wasatch Oil operated their own tanks cars throughout Utah and Idaho, and would have competed locally with products from Sinclair in Wyoming. Utah Oil's refinery north of Salt Lake City was opened in 1909 and grew from there, until in the 1960s it was the largest refinery in the Intermountain West. Wasatch Oil's refinery further north in Woods Cross was opened in 1932, and very soon became number two in size.

Any help would be appreciated, and will be captured on the above mentioned web page, for the whole world to see and use.

Don Strack

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