Re: Squadron Putty & Resin Kits

Bill Welch

Usually when I have to repair a hole, it is because of a mistake I have made either measuring or drilling or both. I like using styrene rod for these kinds of situations. Once I have determined what size rod need, which sometimes means enlarging the hole slightly, I flood it with Testors liquid on the surface and the underside and may do this several times, melting the styrene into hole. Sometime I will apply some ACC on the reverse side and will then use a sharp chisel blade to trim the rod on the visible side. Generally the repair is invisible.

BTW, in a packet of rod, I have noticed there is some variation in the size of the rod, so trying a few different piece of rod will likely yield a fit when you get close. Also, the rod is not always the same end to end.

This can be done almost more quickly than it takes time to talk about.

Bill Welch

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I tried filling some holes, etc. with "Squadron Putty" on some F&C resin kit parts and it didn't stick good at all; broke out of the holes very easily after a several day drying time. Any one with ideas about how to use it on resin? Apparently the two don't like to adhere well.

Also, when trying to apply small amounts of "Squadron Putty" it dries very quickly on the surface and doesn't allow you to spread it around easily. It's base is "Toluene". Anyone try to, say, mix it with some more toluene, maybe, or another solvent, to extend it's work-ability?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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