Re: AAR 40' Boxcar Door Widths

Greg Martin

shawn.beckert@... writes:

What door width was more commonly seen on these cars? Would the 6' doors be more prevalent, or were all three door widths bought in roughly the same numbers?

Shawn Beckert

What year are you modeling? After WW2 the Pennys began rebuilding cars (X26 and X29 programs) with 7-foot doors leaving the 6-foot door behind. This is likely due to the extensive use of forklift trucks in the post WW2 economy. Their next purchase was the X43-a-b (three classes) cars around 1950 and they were delivered with 7-foot doors until the X43c/X29d programs and the introduction of the 8-foot door. The P&WV acquired both Pullman Standard cars in 1947 with 7-foot doors and ACF cars with 8-foot car in 1948. I believe the Q skipped right past the 7-foot door to 8-foot cars by the early 50's. By in large the move towards larger car door openings and larger cars (50-foot cars) was a movement driven by the receivers by the early 50's.

Greg Martin
Salem, OR

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