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The SPF's will jump on this
Here is what info I have on these cars:
Nos. 254251-255575
254251-254350 100 built May 1935
254351-254650 300 built April & May 1936
254651-254950 300 built March –June 1938
254951-255050 100 built April-June 1940
255051-255275 225 built November & December 1940
255276-255575 300 built March 1946
Many of these cars lasted into Penn-Central in company snad service. Some made
it to Con-Rail.
Here are a list of references I have:

Pennsy Power III
pp. 408 #254821
PRR Color Guide I
pp. 112 #498058, #498057, #255419
PRR Color Guide II
pp. 65 #254306, #254523, #254824
Cars of PRR
pp. 53 #254252 roof
PennsylvaniaRailroad Locomotives and Cars 1939
pp. 31 #254351
Train Shed Cyclopedia #5
            pp. 296-297 #254252
Railroad Model Craftsman August 1987
pp. 86 #PC32301, #PC32349
Railroad Model Craftsman September 1995
pp. 41 #255023
Mainline Modeler March 2001
pp. 59 #254252
pp. 57-58 plan ¼"=1'-0"
Mainline Modeler April 2001
pp. 62 #498055
pp. 63 #CR74008
pp. 64 #498055, #255419, #498058
pp. 65 #PC32349, #PC32322
HO Model Trains March 1953
pp. 25 HO modeling article
Model Railroader December 1971
pp. 71 #255024 (shows fabricated bolster, car on EBT 3' gauge trucks)
Model Railroader October 1981
pp. 66 #255552, #PC875304
pp. 67 #255105, plan 3.5mm=1'-0"
Keystone Vol. 15-4
pp. 19 #254821, class diagram
Keystone Vol. 16-4
pp. 27 #254478
Keystone Vol. 20-3
pp. 7 #254252, #255105
Keystone Vol. 35-2
pp. 22 #254821
pp. 23 #255281
pp. 24-25 lettering diagram CK
pp. 28 #255323, #254554, #254306
pp. 30-31 lettering diagram SK1b
pp. 38 #255409
pp. 45 #255656
pp. 48 #254772
pp. 50-51 lettering diagram PK
The article by Richard Burg in the Vol. 15-4 of the Keystone is very good.  The
F&C kit is also a challange.  The H30 is only different in the roof.  I pictures
of these cars with 4 different type trucks including Crown, B-1, Whitehead &
Kales with and witout leaf springs in the center group.
I would send you some pictures but my computer skills is not up to that.  The
roof shot in the Wayner "Cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad helped me with the
F&C kit. 
Don Ford
Kanab UT

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Sent: Mon, August 30, 2010 12:50:01 PM
Subject: [STMFC] PRR/N&W H30a Covered Hoppers

Friends, I have taken up Rail Shops, Inc. new HO kit for this exotic looking (to
me) and interesting freight car. The kit is a mixture of very clean well
detailed "flat" molded styrene parts, but with all the end bracing and a lot of
small parts to be cut and folded from extensive frets of fine brass etchings.
There are no 3rd party aftermarket parts in the box.

Although a list of part numbers is referenced in the instructions, none is in
the kit. Inasmuch as the instructions refer to parts simply by number ("part 2",
or "part 33"), I laid out all the parts on the bench and took the time to
extract their numbers from the instructions and photographs, and then both mark
them directly with a fine pen, make my own written list . A minor irritant, but
yet still an irritant.

The styrene is a light gray with a very high shiny finish that I have not seen
before, and it is also bendable, a requirement inasmuch as key parts of the
major construction require bending. I have already assembled the basic body/box,
and so far both the directions and actual assembly are exactly "as advertised".

A selection of appropriate decals can be purchased separately from the Rail
Shops website, but none are included with the kit.

I will report later when I start addressing the "origami" phase of construction.

Now, I know nothing about these hopper cars as prototypes, and no documentation
is included in the kit. I am also away from any relevant resources I might
personally hold in this regard. What can listers kindly tell me? 1) When were
these cars produced, and when were they retired?, 2) Were the N&W cars purchased
de novo, or were they purchased from then-owner PRR second hand?


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Okoboji, Iowa

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