Re: Squadron Putty & Resin Kits

Ed Mims

Bondo GLAZING & SPOT PUTTY is clearly the best all round filler for model building. It is available in a 4.5 oz tube at auto parts stores. Don't confuse this with the Bondo epoxy filler. This is a one part material, kind of orangey red in color and comes in a red, white and black tube. It will bond to almost anything and drys quickly. I keep it around for use on models but also use it around the house to fill holes in walls, woodwork, etc. It does not srink appreciably but in some cases might require a second (skim) coating to get a flat surface. It is the only filler I use.
Try to keep it off of your fingers. It bonds to them pretty tightly.
Ed Mims
Jacksonville, FL

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Denny mentioned:

<All that said, I still use Squadron putty for tiny jobs where waiting
<overnight for handling is or would be a pain. I too also despair (kind
<word) at the shrinkage.

...which reminded me that the plastic model builders fill holes with CA set
with Accelerator. According to articles, they apply some CA and immediately
spray it with accelerator. It sets immediately and is easy to sand
immediately (but gets very hard in a little while). Multiple applications
could be used filling deeper areas.

Jack Burgess

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