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Greetings Group:

I haven't read all the posts reagrding the putty thread, and what i did read i haven't seen anyone mention Tamiya Putty.

Tamiya Putty-Basic Type. Right there in english on the tube with lot's of Japenese writing all over it too, so there is no confusion.

This stuff is great. No shrinkage. It's aluminum looking, dries quickly, sands incredible, can be polished. And takes paint great.

You can find it online and on ebay occasionally. I would check out a hobby shop that caters to Military modeling. And while your there, pick up an issue of Fine Scale Modeler to see what your military modeling brethren are doing and working with as well.

Here's another one: Nitro-Stan. Red Putty 9001-Spot and Glazing Putty. This is made for the automotive finishes industry. One tube will probably set you back about 15-16 bucks but it will last you a lifetime and you will probably never use the tube up and will pass it off to someone else.


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