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I, too, am a director of the PRR Socirty and recommend this book for anyone looking for the true essence of flat car ladings. I've been an SPF for 45 years, and learned a lot more than I thought I knew from this book. I'm dog earing the pages !
Fred Freitas
Marketing & Sales Dir.

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Some of you may not have realized it, but the PRRT&HS published a 
comprehensive book on PRR flat cars about 2 years ago.  Just this 
month, the PRRT&HS has announced that it once again has an e-store 
and now you can buy the book easily and directly over the web.

Just go to
and scroll down until you get to:
Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars – Revenue & Work Equipment, 1818 – 
1968, by Elden Gatwood and Al Buchan, 2008, $39 for softcover, $60 
for hardcover.

The photos of the loads in the book are worth the price alone!

Disclaimer - I am a member of the PRRT&HS Board of Directors, a proud 
owner of a copy of the book, and this post is shameless advertising 
for the book.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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