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Thanks I thought that was it becaquse of the era that they were built the air
line in the center sill was common practice.  They probley started to put the
line on the outside when labor costes beame higher and it was more effecient to
do it that way. OK another car of the workbench. Used an ole Hobbie Line car put
new hopper doors, wire grabs , etc. looks good.
Don Ford
Kanab UT

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Yungkurth, "Steam Era of Lehigh Valley", p 58, shows the left sides of LV 41254
(composite quad) and 41185 (steel-sided quad); the train pipe isn't visible in

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Don, Thats  a good question. I can not assume it being in either location.
They may have put it on the side for the twin rebuild only.
Maybe Ben Hom may know, he sent me info on the twin awhile back.
Rich Christie

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Subject: [STMFC] Lehigh Valley 41000 series hopper
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Does anyone know if the train air line runs along the side or down the center
sill of the 41000 quad hoppers. My two photos are of the other side, it is not
shown in Chuck Yungkurth drawing or is it shown in the modleing article in the
Lehigh Vally modeling group. I have a photo of the rebuilt twin hoppers and it
is run alone the side. Would like to get this car off the work bench and
Thanks in advance
Don Ford
Kanab UT

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