Still trying to find "Southern Freight Association Perishable Tariff & Protective Tariff"

Bill Welch


A while back I sent a message asking if anyone owned or had access to
a copy or copies of "Southern Freight Association Perishable Tariff &
Protective Tariff." Alternatively, it may have titled ("Southern
Freight Association Perishable Protective Tariff.") I never heard
from anyone so I have assumed the answer is "no" and I have moved to
the next step which is contacting various libraries and archives that
seem likely to have copies. So far I have emailed the following:

California State RR Museum Library
Colorado RR Museum Library
NMRA's Kalmbach Memorial Library
Nat'l Archives in College Park, MD (these tariffs were supposed to be
sent to the ICC for their files)

and plan to contact
The SRR Archive in Kennisaw, GA (I have forgotten their exact name)
The Merchantile in Saint Louis

Can anyone suggest other possible resources I should contact?


Bill Welch

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